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 Amidala Naberrie

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PostSubject: Amidala Naberrie   Sat May 09, 2009 3:28 pm

Name: Naberrie, Amidala
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brown
Clothing Style: a brown dress
Color of shoes: red
Personalty: Amidala's personality is deceptive, manipulative, kind, sweet, kinda quiet, and also been caring about people as well she has her own flaws, but she looks towards the future with her head up high.

Anything we left out


History: Amidala Naberrie was born 18 years ago in the village of Konohagakure, but two years back she killed her own family because she felt like she was suffocated because they never let her outside because she is always been then couple years after she went missing because she never wanted to be found because she is feeling the regret of killing them, but it was for the good of the village that they were dead. She is in the bingo book for the massacre of the Naberrie family, and she wonders now if that's a good idea.

Amidala Naberrie has been wandering around for a year without any place to go at all, and she is a person called a missin-nin because that's is who she is always have been since the day of the Naberrie massacre, and she never looked back and moved on with her own life she would havea to move on and look forward with her own life, and she makes sure that nobody will be killed or she won't be killed either since the day she been missing she was always trying to make the most of her life, and she has been hunted by the Konohagakure ninjas.

Amidala was just trying to not let anyone else die, but during the times of being around she was tryimng to make sure that the people don't know how she would go because she doesn't want anyone to else to get killed because of her. So, she does everything that she was offer any job, but she turn them all down because she was afraid of the innoncents safety, but she joined an organization just because it was the only thing that was open to someone like her because she was in the bingo book. She is part of the Uchiha clan through her mother bloodline, but that was when she was already born she was born with the Sharingan. She survived the Uchiha Massacre because she was away from the Uchiha clan because she had taken her father's last name Naberrie not her mother's maiden name Uchiha so she was easily hidden that way, and then during the Uchiha clan massacre she was massacring Naberrie family because she hated them.

She had the feared of being hated by Sasuke, and she run away from him, and only watch Konohagakure from the distance, and she tries to make her own way she lives in the ordinary world that nobody can hurt her, or see her at all. She wants to make sure that she doesn't want anyone to see her so she hides in the shadows so that nobody can see her or being by her at all without something to get done, and she been around so many people, and she keeps herself hidden by a cloak of sorts.

o kunai
o fans
o demon wind shuriken

o lightning
o fire

Village- Konohagakure

Succesfull Missions-
A ranks-0
B ranks-0
C ranks-0
D ranks-0
E ranks-0

Jutsu: Asiritra, Asirut , and Sairnitya
Special Abilty: Sharingan
Clan: Uchiha
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PostSubject: Re: Amidala Naberrie   Sat May 09, 2009 3:31 pm

approved except for jutsus and btw if you have a shy girl you should get 2nd Angel Bijuu

me and sarah A.K.A me and hinata-

me and kitty A.K.A sakura and temari oohh yuri yummy!-
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Amidala Naberrie
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