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 Moon Village

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PostSubject: Moon Village   Sat May 09, 2009 9:18 pm

Midnight entered the village in the dead of night. It was nearly anticlimactic that he was planning an assassination at this time, even though it was Moon Country. The village never was that good with producing exceptional ninja anyway. This will be easy. He thought, taking out his Summoning Scroll. He bit his thumb and slammed his hand on the open circle that was on the newly opened scroll. His painting supplies appeared in a puff of smoke. The plan was simple and there was very little plan of failure.
After getting out his supplies and an empty canvas, he was ready to paint. He began a long string of handseals, readying two jutsu. The first was Picture, with which he painted the current kage of the land. He grinned at the sleeping Tsukikage whose life was about to end. Continuing the handseals, he started the Genjutsu World jutsu. This jutsu was even more simple to trap him in due to the fact the kage was sleeping. Midnight stopped his hands and picked up his brush. He dabbed it into the red paint, and began to paint. It was only one stroke of the brush, and a deadly one at that. He swiped it across the chest of the Tsukikage, killing him in an instant. "All done," he said aloud.
The morning after, he assumed the place of the kage without much hassle, as he had killed the rest of anyone who would dare oppose him. "What a simplistic and weak village this place is." Now the Tsukikage, he left the office and went back to the larger countries. He had no reason to stay there, and couldn't care less. He decided he would travel and improve along the way.
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Moon Village
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