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 katie nara

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Pein Yamikaze

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PostSubject: katie nara   Sun May 10, 2009 10:52 am

Name: katie nara
Eye Color:green
Hair Color:black
Clothing Style:white and black
Color of shoes:red
Personalty:she loves to have fun and enjoy life, she cares for everyone even if they hate her , shes also bi

Anything we left out

History:she was born in konoha , where her fauther was killed in a war againt the sand . she grew up with her mother until the age of ten , when the sand had asassinated her but she didnt know why .

she found her mother dead in the kitchen of her small home on the outscurts of konoha , she cried for weeks not telling anyone her mother had did she just burried her in the graveyard,not to far from her home, at night and she burned her home .

after she burned her home she moved to konoha with her cousin shikumaruwhere she was raised and became a chunin with her cousin , she had considerd shikomaru to be her older brother , she went with him every where and he alowd it .

soon she was sent on a mission to escort someone to the cloud village with a boy named icorashi uchiha

.knuckle blades
.her shadow
.explosive tags
.chakra wire

shadoow and water


Succesfull Missions-
A ranks-3
B ranks-2
C ranks-4
D ranks-1
E ranks-0

.shadow strangle
.shadow posesion
.water prison
.liquid shadow
Special Abilty:shadow minipulation
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PostSubject: Re: katie nara   Sun May 10, 2009 10:57 am

ddeyou already got 2 canon no more chr for you so denied until you bcome dmin

me and sarah A.K.A me and hinata-

me and kitty A.K.A sakura and temari oohh yuri yummy!-
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katie nara
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