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 11 Tailed Tinki (XO thingy)

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PostSubject: 11 Tailed Tinki (XO thingy)   Wed May 13, 2009 5:16 am

Yes i know that i got the thing from the other topic but i liked the picture XO

Name: Tinki
Bijuu Or Demon: Bijuu or Demon is unknown but it resembles a demon more then a bijuu
How Many Tails: 11
History: The 11 tailed bijuu/ demon is a rather shrouded beast that lived in extremely dark caves where it's eye sight degenerated yet it's hearing and sense of smell was unmatched by anything that walked into it's dark abode. One day the Kage of the near by village grew worried by all the rumors of there being a monster in the caves some what a mile away from the village so he went up to investigate, only to find that the rumors were true and the beast unhappy by his visitor attacked him with amazing speed yet the kage figured from the cave it would have horrible eye sight and be highly suseptable to uv rays. formulating a plan he quickly lured the beats out of the cave into the village where with out it's dark home to protect it , it was vunerable as the kage sealed the beast inside a little girl (mt char :O) that had been born on that same day giving his life to protect the village that little girl grew up with all the hard ships of which it came with.
Description: It's skin is a pale white tho despite it seeming that it has but one tail it is really eleven all closely bonded together. It's eye sight degenerated from living in dark cave it fell to it's hearing and sense of smell to locate prey inside this most dark cave. It's claws developed into sharp pointed talons in which to hold down it's meal and to climb around the caves ceiling and walls. It is also noticeable that it's saliva has advanced into some what of a corrosive acid used to break down the flesh in which it eats , tho this may seem like a deadly feature it only retains it' corrosive qualities when ither drooled from it's mouth or bitten into something once the salive completely leaves the mouth of the beast it becomes just slobber.
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PostSubject: Re: 11 Tailed Tinki (XO thingy)   Wed May 13, 2009 3:13 pm

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11 Tailed Tinki (XO thingy)
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