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 The eyes of God(approved when contest is won)

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PostSubject: The eyes of God(approved when contest is won)   Tue May 05, 2009 2:35 pm

Name:Eyes of god
Clan/Bloodline Symbol:
Bloodline Jutsu:None available yet
Description:this clan has the abilty to copy that of a bijuu chakra reaction this eye was put in Yukimaru to control the Three Tailed Bijuu Sanbi's Full power
History:this eye was made durring the experments that were being placed on Yukimaru this eye was only created for yukimaru so he is the only one who has it (there will be more but ill choose them based on their rp skills so for now im the only user)

Ima show you the picture of the eye
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The eyes of God(approved when contest is won)
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