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 Nami, Suki

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PostSubject: Nami, Suki   Tue May 05, 2009 7:27 pm

Name: Nami, Suki
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color:Blue
Clothing Style:White and holy clothing
Color of shoes:white
Personalty:Suki is not very caring in fact she could care less about her village.

Anything we left out
look at avi once i moddify it

Suki was born to be known as the child of hope. Though her nickname was not true she was in deed a child of some power though it did not seem bloodline trait fluence. This girl was strong in many ways though if she showed off her abilities she could easily been killed by the kages order. Though she took pitty in her father the Raikage she could care less on anybody elses behave. Much like gaara.

Suki was to be trained by ninja who were elite and top class so that een though she was genin her skills could be that of jounin and she would pass more easily. What they hadn't know that they where subjects to her abilitie. The 10 ninja that trained her were now her puppets with out strings and their life souless. The ninja were now known as the Legendary 10 in her village though they were myths so there was no way she could be proven guilty.

Suki then moved on to higher expectations even though secretly the legendary 10 still live on but in different areas in cloud.

1.Ninja 1-Yoko the ninja skilled in weaponry fighting
2.Ninja 2-Yuri the ninja skilled in chakra ussage
3.Ninja 3-Umi the ninja skilled in Fire Element
4.Ninja 4-Arikou the ninja skilled in puppetry
5.Ninja 5-Yashinobu the ninja skilled in Water and water vapor control
6.Ninja 6-Name unknown but last name is Dotu (poison) ninja skilled in poison usage
7.Ninja 7-Akuten Ninja skilled in the Mokuton ability
8.Ninja 8-Gurren (not the series canan gurren) skilled in summoning jutsu
9.Ninja 9-Unknown name last name is Kurasu (weapon body) skilled in making his own body into a weapon
10.Ninja 10-Oni (demon) skilled in the demon markings (demon weapon summonings)

    Legendary 10


Village-Cloud Village

Succesfull Missions-
A ranks-1 (for taking down the legendary 10)
B ranks-0
C ranks-0
D ranks-0
E ranks-0
(she never did missions she was the daughter of the raikage so she was already powerful and rich)

Jutsu:(will make later)

Special Abilty:Ichi Gomie Isu-
this ability is not a bloodline this ability allows Suki to rupture the soul of the subject and create it to bend her own denying will. This ability is also some what like Peins but 40x weaker and the hair colors are different and different genders plus no body jewlry. This ability is secret and no others have seen it happen before accept the legendary 10 if anyone would have seen it the order of a imediate death would be used then they would examine her dead body to try and turn the ability into a doujutsu which she did not want it is to be hidden.

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PostSubject: Re: Nami, Suki   Wed May 06, 2009 2:23 pm

aproved i guess
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PostSubject: Re: Nami, Suki   Wed May 06, 2009 3:47 pm

So long as jer approves of it, approved.

meaning ~ He might not like the idea of your power, the strange elements, and the successful mission. His decision, ultimately.
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PostSubject: Re: Nami, Suki   

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Nami, Suki
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