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 Legendary 10

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Ninja 1: Temari/Sakuya
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PostSubject: Legendary 10   Fri May 08, 2009 1:33 pm

Name:Legendary 10
Bijuu Or Demon: nor bijuu or demons but subjects to Suki
How Many Tails:zero
History:This is the brief history of this group (the history of each member will be made in this topic but in seperate posts) this is the group of the dead and live bodies of the legendary 10. each of the bodies have a color eye all of which equal the colors of their element. These members were elite Cloud ninja for the kage they were to train the kage's daughter. They fell for her trap and their souls were hers and scince she was the heir to the thrown of Raikage they had to obey her so they did. They were the 10 paths of the elements if you would but 40x weeker than the 6paths of pain unless if the bodies were set in the right combination they were to be evenly matched.
1.Ninja 1-Yoko the ninja skilled in weaponry fighting.
2.Ninja 2-Yuri the ninja skilled in chakra ussage.
3.Ninja 3-Umi the ninja skilled in Fire Element.
4.Ninja 4-Arikou the ninja skilled in puppetry.
5.Ninja 5-Yashinobu the ninja skilled in Water and water vapor control.
6.Ninja 6-Name unknown but last name is Dotu (poison) ninja skilled in poison usage.
7.Ninja 7-Akuten Ninja skilled in the Mokuton ability.
8.Ninja 8-Gurren (not the series canan gurren) skilled in summoning jutsu.
9.Ninja 9-Unknown name last name is Kurasu (weapon body) skilled in making his own body into a weapon.
10.Ninja 10-Oni (demon) skilled in the demon markings (demon weapon summonings).

five of the Ninjas:



three more of the ninjas:
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Legendary 10
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