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 10 Tailed Demon Soubi

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PostSubject: 10 Tailed Demon Soubi   Thu May 07, 2009 1:57 pm

Name:Soubi (10 Tails) this demon is not yet have a name or been identified by the Akatsuki so the status is Active
Bijuu Or Demon:Bijuu
How Many Tails:10
History: This history of the soubi is short...this bijuu was found in the cloud village to be known as wild which makes a bijuu weak. though this bijuu was weak she had found a formidable body to be sealed in thus she had turned into her cute fox like shape and she followed her new body or vessel who was named Suki. The bijuu had been sealed in suki to save suki's life which was to be ending shortly but it didnt due the presents of Soubi. Soubi is now strong and equal to that of Kyuubi. It is said that Soubi was the Sister or the Mother of Kyuubi cause her and his power followed in the same methods. Soubi ability is to shapeshift, and to control the gas element (Water vapor+Poison)
Description:Soubi is a bijuu that doesn't show all her tails unless she is controling Suki.
the tail levels are similar to those of the kyuubi accept once suki hits 10 the chakra level increases and her whole body goes completly white and her human self isn't visable no more its only her bijuu's chakra body that is visable and the earth around the bijuu starts to urupt in huge amounts of earth shards and sends them flying at the user
Eye changing once the bijuu is unleashed at full power:

The two tailed version of Soubi in her shape shift form:

Three tailled version of soubi in her shape shift form:

Suki in Bijuu Form:
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10 Tailed Demon Soubi
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